Lakeshore Villages Master Community Development District (referred to hereafter as the “CDD ”) is a special purpose form of local government described as a special taxing district” and as such is “public”. A Community Development District may own and operate roadways, water and wastewater systems, stormwater drainage system, landscape and hardscape features, and common areas. In addition, they may own and operate the club facilities, swimming pools and athletic courts, etc. among other public improvements. In the case of Lakeshore, the amenities are owned and managed by the Lakeshore Villages Property Owners' Assocation which is a separate entity found within the boundaries of the CDD. See FAQ page for more information.

The CDD's Vision, Mission Statement and priorieis are as follows:

  • Vision: To provide the best, quality, community development services to the Community of Lakeshore VIllages and in the State.
  • Mission: To serve the Community of Lakshore Villages by providing timely and cost effective maintenance of the various infrastrucure improvements within the CDD's boundaries.
  • Priorities: The CDD's priorities are: finding ways to increase communication, transparency and safety/security.



The Board has Amended and adopted Resolution 2024-1 Amended Parking Policies on May 1, 2024 (which was corrected on May 24, 2024 for items added by the Board on May 1, 2024) which is posted on this website. It became effective on May 1, 2024, for Sections 1A, 1B, 1D and Sections 2 and 3. Section 1C, will not be enforced until June 1, 2024. It is advised that you familiarize yourselves with this policy, especially those who live on Lakeshore Village West, Delta Ridge Avenue, N. Ring Road, Lakeshore Vista Blvd., Lakeshore Village East Section with Center Medians, Lakeshore Village Blvd, Lakeshore Village South, and Lakeshore Blvd East. Parking on those roadways as of May 1, 2024, will result in vehicles being towed without stickers or warning. The same will apply to center medians, and roadway servitude areas in and along those roadways. In addition, as of May 1 , 2024 there will be no parking in designated utility parking areas, in front of USPS Mailbox kiosks except when retrieving mail. Included is also driving or parking anywhere on the CDD's Ring Levee. Again, please review Resolution 2024-01, Amended Parking Polices so you can comply. IF YOUR VEHICLE IS TOWED YOU CAN CONTACT A-1 WRECKERS AT (985)-863-7070.


The CDD is asking for volunteers to be part of a focus group to help the CDD Board pick alternarive hardwood trees to replce the diseaed palms that have recently died and spit in half. Hardwwwd trees are being looked at for the replacement to eliminate the need to repalce soil in the areas of the dead palms as all varieies of palms would be infected by the bacteria in the soil. Hard wood trees are not impacted by this type of bacteria. If interested please send anemail to pete@pwillassoc.com. The first 5 respondents will become the focus. group. We are currently looking for 3 more volinteers.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Tammany Parish Levee Feasibility Study

Under links you will find the study referenced above from July of 2023. This study references several scenarios that may impact the Lakeshore Villages Ring Levee and Pumping Station. The study contains a lot of materials but it is worth reviewing to gain and understanding of how Lakeshore could be impacted.